Understanding Golf Clubs – All about Woods, Irons and Putters

Like any other game, in golf too you need to understand your equipment and accessories to play well. Any golfer knows that it takes a lot of endeavor to achieve the right coordination to send the golf ball flying like a white dot down the vast expanse of the fairways. In addition, you need to use the right club to take the right shot. The intricacies of the game require you to first figure out the average distance your ball can cover when hit with a particular golf club. How many and what types of golf clubs you may be carrying to your next golf trip depends on the accuracy of this evaluation.  Whether you are heading to the Dallas area golf courses or the Miami golf resorts, be it a 18-hole championship course or a small nine-hole 34 to 36-par course, you need to pack the right clubs to control your golf ball’s flight path.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution as far as golf club selection is concerned. An understanding of golf club design will help you get started in figuring out what is best for you.

Golf Clubs

Three-Piece Structure

Lengthwise, a golf club can be divided into three parts — the head, the shaft and the grip. The bottommost part, the head, can be divided into three categories, namely, wood, iron and putter. Generally, most golfers prefer to carry three woods, at least one hybrid, seven irons and a putter. However, since the rules allow you to carry a total of 14 clubs, many golfers add a wedge or specialty hybrid club to their arsenal. The idea is to enrich your toolbox as far as possible, so that your job at the green becomes easier.


These have a large hollow-bodied head and are used to hit long shots. Golfers usually use their woods when they are 175 yards or more away from the green.

The face of a wood has an angular orientation. The angle of the club face is called loft. This angular design is aimed at controlling trajectory of the ball’s flight path and the distance covered by it. Depending on its loft, woods can be of three types – the driver, also known as 1 wood, 3, and 5. While a 3 wood has a loft between 15 and 18 degrees, a 5 wood has a loft between 20 and 22 degrees. Professional golfers prefer drivers with less than 10 degrees of loft.  Beginners need higher-loft drivers that are easier to hit.


When you are less than 200 yards away from the green, you will have to use the iron – the golf clubs with metallic heads. Unlike the large woods, they are thin from the front to the back. Grooving on the clubface is meant to give the golf ball a nice spin. Seasoned golfers prefer a ‘muscleback’ or ‘blade’ style irons, while ‘cavity back’ style irons are ideal for amateurs and beginners. A standard set of irons consists of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons. A closer shot calls for a higher iron to play the ball. Higher handicap golfers often use a modified set of golf clubs that replaces the 3 and 4 iron with higher lofted 7 and 9 woods, as they are easier to hit in comparable distances.


Putter is used to get the ball into the hole. Depending on your skill level, choose from innumerable styles of putters including short, belly, long, bent, center-hosel, heel-toe, mallet, and more.

Whether you are a pro or just a beginner, heading to the Dallas area golf courses near home or to an exotic golfing destination beyond the borders; the urge to perform is always there. We are sure our basic golf club guide will come handy as you negotiate the holes wielding your woods and irons.

2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup

2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup
2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup

Speaking of the representative of the travel plan of no mistake, spectator sports. Limited events such as the Olympics and FIFA World Cup also do not forget. Family travel and is also recommended for honeymoon.

FIFA World Cup is held every four years, is the world tournament of soccer by an international team together. Is the best sports event the world lined up in the Olympic Games, it will not be missed for sports fans.
Know greatness of the FIFA World Cup is the best, it would be tough quota given to the host country. Football stadium that can accommodate more than 40,000 people is a total of 12 required in the country, further 60,000 people in the semi-finals, finals, you have to prepare a stadium of 80,000 scale.
Since the strict standards to the stadium facilities are provided, the host country every time will be to enhance and improve the stadium by performing a large-scale investment.

From the harsh conditions, such as more than, FIFA World Cup so far had become annoying situation that is also not be held more than 30 years in South America and Africa. So FIFA Council temporarily change the venue to “take turns system of every continent”, by limiting the participation from other continents in 2014 in South America and Brazil, indeed in South America in the host country for the first time in ’36 It is not decided.
The result is a large-scale aid and investment done from countries in Brazil, commercial facilities around the stadium renovation and construction planned site has show the explosive development. The best part of Brazil FIFA World Cup is in Brazil itself to evolve! Greatly Let’s hope.


2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup

11th Cricket World Cup 2015 Fixtures/Schedule/Dates/Venues

11th Cricket World Cup 2015 Fixtures/Schedule/Dates/Venues
11th Cricket World Cup 2015 Fixtures/Schedule/Dates/Venues

It is known to all the cricket lovers that the upcoming and 11th cricket world cup 2015 will be held at New Zealand and Australia in the year of 2015. But the venues and dates for the tournament have been announced officially through a ceremony held by ICC in July. In fact, the groups for the world cup have been announced during the ceremony, where some of the cricketing legends were present. So it is official now that 14 teams all around the world will fight for the top medal of 50-over cricket from 14th February to 29th March, 2015.According to the 2015 cricket world cup schedule, the whole tournament will be held 14 venues. Australia is all set to host a total of 26 games in 7 venues and New Zealand will be hosting a total of 23 games in seven venues. The Venues selected by the Australian Cricket board are – Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra, Brisbane, and Adelaide. Among all these, Melbourne will be hosting the grand finale of 2015 world cup after 1992 edition. New Zealand will host their 23 games in the venues like Wellington, Nelson, Napier, Hamilton, Dunedin, Christchurch, and Auckland as per the 2015 cricket world cup fixtures.

Both the hosts are featured in the same Pool – A. in fact both of them will start their campaign to win the world cup on the very first day of the tournament. As the tournament is held in Australia and New Zealand, fast bowlers are expected to excel in the whole tournament. As the world cup match schedule says, the defending champions India will start their campaign on the second day of the tournament against their arch rival Pakistan. It is tough to predict a winner right now, as the whole cricketing world will observe lots of ups and downs in cricket teams in coming two years. world cup Time table for this tournament is available over the Internet.


11th Cricket World Cup 2015 Fixtures/Schedule/Dates/Venues

High on Quarter

High on Quarter
High on Quarter

As the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 — which other game does the Dubai-based global body administer? — enters its decisive, TRP-boosting knockout stage, the question on everyone’s lips is: What’s new? Apart from England, who have seldom adapted to the demands of the ODI game, and Bangladesh, who have always popped up to make a statement, the tournament has panned out on expected lines. In terms of the teams in the last-eight stage, that is.

Afghanistan have provided the feel-good factor, Bangladesh the bravado, Ireland the spunk, and the UAE and Scotland glimpses of hope. New Zealand have been brilliant,Australia professional, the West Indies lackadaisical, Sri Lanka just about good, Zimbabwe painful and England pathetic. As always, Pakistan have blown hot and cold. But the biggest story of the group stage has got to be Team India’s amazing run and South Africa’s flattering-only-to-deceive performance.

Only one team has managed to bowl out each of its opponents and maintain a clean slate. And that honour goes to the pumped-up Indian team, oozing MS Dhoni’s coolness and Ravi Shastri’s audacity. And they have done it with bowlers not necessarily regarded the best in the world. That title sits perfectly on the likes of Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel, who were, however, rendered ineffective against Shikhar Dhawan and Ajinkya Rahane at the MCG on February 22. If that was a one-off, then can the Proteas explain what happened against Pakistan in Auckland eight evenings later?

Of all Mike Tyson’s quotable quotes, this one probably takes the cake: “Everyone has a plan until they’re punched in the face”. South Africa proved ‘The Baddest Man On The Planet’ right. Thanks to their rather uninspiring show that included bullying the also-rans and getting bullied by India, the Proteas face a tough quarterfinal clash against one of the World Cup’s most consistent sides.

Since 1996, when they enjoyed a fairytale run, to 2011, Sri Lanka have progressed to the semifinals or better on every occasion except 1999. And the kind of form Kumar Sangakkara is in, rattling off hundreds like just like that, South Africa will need more than a special effort from just AB de Villiers to counter the Islanders. That match will kick off the business end of the tournament — did we really have to wait this long? — at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Wednesday.

A day later, India will look to tame Bangladesh at the Melbourne Cricket Ground besides silently hoping that they return to the cauldron exactly 10 days later to play the final.

But for that, The Men in Blue will have to beat either co-hosts Australia, who got their number all summer, or familiar foes Pakistan, who can’t lift the sheer weight of their World Cup baggage tagged IND, in the semifinal. The Australia-Pakistan quarterfinal will be played at the quaint Adelaide Oval on Friday, the venue where India got their campaign off to a rollicking start against Misbah-ul-Haq’s star-struck side on February 15. That was ages ago, wasn’t it?

The fourth quarterfinal will pit the Kiwis against the Caribbeans. Only an upset of earthquake-like proportions will see New Zealand’s awe-inspiring run, masterminded by the brilliant Brendon McCullum, come to a screeching The Wellington Regional Stadium will stage this contest on Saturday.

The first semifinal will see the winners from Sydney take on the ones from Wellington on March 24. This game will be played at the Eden Park in Auckland. Sydney will host the other semifinal on March 26. The MCG will stage the final on March 29.

In all probability, the record for the highest ODI crowd will be broken this time. The world’s biggest cricket ground — in all respects — had seen 87,182 walk in through the turnstiles to watch Imran Khan’s ‘Cornered Tigers’ devour England in the final of the 1992 World Cup. Actually, that number was under serious threat when India played South Africa in a sea of blue last month. All they needed were another 306 party-hopping fans. Maybe the turnout at the final will surpass that number.

This has been a batsman’s World Cup, but the bowlers have also held their own. We have witnessed as many as 25 totals of 300 or more with the 400-run mark crossed thrice. South Africa managed two of those.

Thirty-five hundreds have been scored, with Sangakkara leading topping the charts with four. The stylist from Sri Lanka also happens to be the top run-getter with 496 runs at a Bradman-would-be-jealous average of 124.

Chris Gayle is the only batsman to have scored a double ton, but five bowlers managed five-fors, Mitchell Starc a six-for and Tim Southee an eye-popping seven-four. Six batsmen have taken their six tallies into double digits with AB de Villiers sitting pretty on top with 20. That said, Gayle hit 16 in a single outing.

Starc also leads the bowling charts with 16 scalps and a mind-boggling average of 8.50. He is followed by five other pacers as far as the wickets column is concerned. Daniel Vettori leads the spinners’ bandwagon with 13, with R Ashwin and Imran Tahir boasting 12 and 11 wickets respectively.

High on Quarter

What is Red Cric k et?

What is Red Cric k et?
What is Red Cric k et?

RED CRICKET is the only security platform that protects real-time network and your organization’s data against unauthorized access and improper actions performed by internal users and external intruders.
85% of computer fraud perpetrated by staff of the organizations.
RED CRICKET warns against external intruders and against the internal user who attempts to commit fraud, theft of information or damage to information and applications or against accidentally executes commands that can cause costly damage.
The attempt is stopped in real time without allowing it to run.
RED CRICKET Comprehensive Security is acting from the perimeter to Layer 7 applications, ensuring: The operating systems of your servers and network elements, whether owned or open handlers databases from any vendor and version, Any application own or trade, without affecting programming, controlling the activities of privileged users and preserving evidence, analysis and compliance auditing, all in a transparent manner, without consuming computing resources or hinder operational performance.



What is Red Cric k et?

The FFA MUST Consolidate NOW

The FFA MUST Consolidate NOW
The FFA MUST Consolidate NOW

A lot has been written and debated about crowds in the A League. The facts are they have been declining since a high in Season 3. Season 6 sees a 40% drop in average crowd numbers since that season. Indeed it is only Adelaide and Melbourne Victory who can hold their heads high with having the most consistent crowd numbers since season 1. MV crowd’s only dropping off big time this season with the entry of the Heart.

The New Zealand knights lasted 2 seasons averaging just over 3k each season. Financially unviable and the FFA rightly handed the license to the Phoenix, who have done a great job in engaging the community. However their crowds are down 25% since their first season as well.

The FFA were adamant in season 1 that the league had to learn to walk before it could run and had a “No Expansion for the first 5 seasons” policy. I think this was for existing cities.

Season 4 sees the FFA give licenses to Gold Coast and Townsville. The original GC Galaxy bid was never going to fly under the FFA rules, as it could not guarantee financial support. Townsville was the same. Up steps Clive Palmer, the Qld Billionaire who just writes out a cheque for $5 Million and the license is his. The FFA rush to bring in Townsville before they have the cash.

At the end of season 5, Don Matheson can’t keep taking the losses in Townsville and hands back the license to the FFA who took over the running of the club. Gold Coast loses money as well, but Clive can take the hit. However the battle in the stands heats up with most supporters backing the Fury supporters who have had better support than the Gold Coast with a 3rd of the population. Most punters outside of the GC are calling for them to be axed. This is mainly aimed at the Club management, with our loyal band of supporters getting some encouragement from other supporters and media.

Season 6 sees GC crowds plummet by almost 50% after Clive announces he is shutting down ¾ of the stadium so he can limit his losses. Many GC supporters left “en masse”, vowing never to return until Clive is gone. Some media and a lot of other supporters call for GCU to be axed and not the Fury

We have Sydney, the most populous city in Australia with a 25% drop in crowds from last season and 50% down from season 3.


The FFA MUST Consolidate NOW

Tuesday American League Capsules

Tuesday American League Capsules
Tuesday American League Capsules

He embraced catcher Kevin Cash when the last out fell into the glove of shortstop Alex Cora and was soon mobbed by his teammates.

In a season that saw its share of injuries, roster moves and the headline-grabbing exodus of superstar slugger Manny Ramirez, Youkilis and Pedroia have been the mainstays. Pedroia leads the team in runs, Youkilis in home runs and RBI and they rank 1-2 in batting average among regulars.

They teamed on Tuesday to help the Red Sox get the best of likely AL Cy Young Award winner Cliff Lee (22-3), who lost for the first time since July 6.

After David Ortiz doubled to lead off the fourth in a scoreless game, Youkilis tagged Lees offering over the Green Monster in left for his 27th homer and first at home since August 17.

Some sloppy Boston defense allowed Cleveland to take a lead on four runs off Wakefield (10-11) in the fifth, but Pedroia had a quick reply.

After Coco Crisp reached on a fielders choice and Jacoby Ellsbury doubled with one out in the fifth, Pedroia hammered a 2-0 delivery from Lee off the wall in left to tie it, 4-4. Youkilis was intentionally walked one out later and Jason Bay made the Indians pay for the maneuver with a single to plate Pedroia.

Wakefield lasted one more inning and the Red Sox bullpen wiggled out of bases-loaded jams in the seventh and again in the eighth when Papelbon got Jamey Carroll to ground out.

The Indians (79-78) saw their season-high seven-game winning streak snapped and lost for the first time in Lees last 10 starts. The veteran left hander gave up five runs and nine hits in seven innings, striking out eight and walking three.


MINNEAPOLIS Jason Kubel homered twice and Scott Baker tossed seven strong innings as the Minnesota Twins pulled within 1 1/2 games of the lead in the American League Central Division with a 9-3 victory over the Chicago White Sox.

The Twins (85-72) can take the lead in the Central with a sweep of the three-game series against the White Sox (86-70).




Tuesday American League Capsules

Rick Carlisle sounds much more relaxed these days

Rick Carlisle sounds much more relaxed these days
Rick Carlisle sounds much more relaxed these days

But his success was overshadowed by his struggle to manage talented but volatile players.

Artest and Stephen Jackson were the two most prominent players in the 2004 brawl between Pacers players and Detroit Pistons fans that started the unraveling of a team that had the potential to make several title runs. Artest requested a trade early in the 2005-06 season. The Pacers continued to have off-the-court problems, most notably involving Jackson and Jamaal Tinsley.

After all that, it was easy for Carlisle to take time off.

“It was great,” he said. “It gave me a chance to recharge the coaching batteries, spend time with the family and have a great experience at ESPN.”

Carlisle hasn’t completely stepped away from controversy. The Mavericks sent Eddie Jones to Indiana last week for Shawne Williams. Carlisle coached Williams when he was a rookie, and always thought highly of the young talent.

But Williams was among the Pacers players who had a way of finding trouble. He was arrested last September after a traffic stop when an officer found marijuana in the SUV he was driving. He pleaded guilty to driving without ever having received a license, while a drug charge was filed against a passenger. The Pacers suspended Williams for three games.

Months later, he left a game early after learning a murder suspect in Tennessee had been arrested shortly after leaving Williams’ Indianapolis home.

Though his friends did much of the damage, Williams’ reputation, and that of the Pacers, was compromised in each situation.

Carlisle believes a change of scenery will be good for Williams.

“I had a very good experience coaching Shawne his rookie year,” he said. “My feeling is that he’s a good kid and a very hard worker and a guy that has a terrific skill set and ability level to continue to get better as a player in this league.”

A bigger challenge for Carlisle will be getting the Mavericks to win a championship. The Mavericks reached the NBA finals in 2006, but they’ve lost in the first round of the playoffs the past two years. The 2006-07 team had the league’s best record and the league MVP in Dirk Nowitzki, yet lost to Golden State.

“We have a group that’s had a couple of rough years.


Rick Carlisle sounds much more relaxed these days

Heat happy to be back at home after European swing

Heat happy to be back at home after European swing
Heat happy to be back at home after European swing

Offensively we’re a little bit behind of where we are defensively, but defense was our focus going into it,” Spoelstra said. “Certainly I’d like to have more things in offensively, but I’m going to really try to be patient and stick with the details of what we already have in right now, so we can get our spacing and timing right.”

One highlight of the trip may have been the debut of the three-forward lineup that had first-round pick Michael Beasley playing alongside Shawn Marion and Udonis Haslem, who became the center in that scenario.

Spoelstra said he’ll continue studying how to make that triumvirate work this week.

“We didn’t spend enough time with them together to get a great look at it, but I’m going to look at it more this week in practice,” Spoelstra said. “That lineup is a pretty good rebounding team, defensively there’s some versatility there, and offensively we need to make those guys comfortable.”

On the injury front, Miami is getting healthier.

Center Jamaal Magloire will miss at least six weeks with a broken left hand, an injury suffered in the first game against the Nets, but other injured Miami players are improving.

Haslem (foot) played on Sunday, then worked out on his own Tuesday, and had no ill effects. Point guard Chris Quinn (ankle) could return to full practice Wednesday, guard Shaun Livingston – who has missed nearly two years battling back from a major knee injury – was able to practice in Europe and forward Dorell Wright (knee) is expected to play some 5-on-5 Wednesday.

Forward James Jones (wrist) will continue doing conditioning and non-contact work, but remains day-to-day, Spoelstra said.

“We want to be judicious with that,” he said. “We want to calm that down as much as we can.”

The Heat left for Paris last week believing that a week together would bring teammates closer, and Spoelstra said that goal was clearly accomplished.

“It was a terrific trip, we spent a lot of time together as a team, more than we would have ever spent in Miami,” he said. “Bus rides, lunches, NBA Cares events, the team dinners, the team tours, the days would start at 7 o’clock in the morning and end after 9 at night, and we were always together as a team. That’s a great benefit.”



Heat happy to be back at home after European swing

Saturdays National Basketball Association Capsules

Saturdays National Basketball Association Capsules
Saturdays National Basketball Association Capsules

SAN ANTONIO Tony Parker had 24 points and 10 assists as the San Antonio Spurs snapped their brief two-game skid with a 107-97 victory over the sliding Toronto Raptors.

Tim Duncan had 19 points and seven rebounds for the Spurs, who suffered road losses to the New Orleans Hornets and Orlando Magic this week.

San Antonio, which had its six-game winning streak snapped with the setback to the Hornets, avoided losing three in a row for the second time this season. The Spurs dropped three straight to begin the season from October 29-November 4.

Toronto, meanwhile, now has lost four in a row. The Raptors suffered an embarrassing 91-82 loss to the lowly Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday.

The Raptors came out strong in the first quarter, looking to get the taste of that loss out of their collective mouth – taking a 25-20 advantage after the opening period.

But Matt Bonner made a jumper to give the Spurs the lead for good with 7:39 left in the second en route to a 56-48 lead at halftime. San Antonio cruised in a lackluster second half.

Jermaine ONeal, who suffered a minor shoulder injury against the Thunder, collected 24 points and 10 rebounds for the Raptors in this one.ORLANDO, Florida For the second straight game, Kobe Bryant missed out on a shot to play the hero. The result, for the first time all season, was a two-game losing streak for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Bryant misfired on an off-balance 3-point attempt at the buzzer – one night after his game-tying try against the Miami Heat rolled in and out – as the Orlando Magic survived for a 106-103 triumph.

The leagues reigning MVP still managed to put up a season-high 41 points, but it wasnt enough. With three seconds left and the Lakers trailing by one, Sasha Vujacic launched a 3-pointer from the corner but it rattled around the rim and rolled out. Dwight Howard grabbed the board, got fouled and buried both free throws to provide the three-point cushion.

Howard overcame early foul trouble to post 18 points and 12 boards, while Rashard Lewis led the Magic with 22 points.EAST RUTHERFORD, New Jersey Dwyane Wade matched a season high with 43 points as the Miami Heat completed a successful back-to-back set with a 106-103 victory.

Wade first posted his season-best total in a win against the Phoenix Suns on November 29 for the Heat, who held off the Los Angeles Lakers for an 89-87 victory on Friday night.

The leagues leading scorer, Wade netted 35 points against the Lakers and followed that up by shooting 13-of-22 from the field and 16-of-18 from the free-throw line – a place where the hard-charging Wade makes his living.

Devin Harris, who scored 41 points in a win over the Dallas Mavericks – his former team – on Friday, scored 21 points for the Nets. Rookie Brook Lopez collected 22 points, 13 boards and five blocks while Vince Carter also scored 21 points.CHICAGO For the first time since the 2004-05 campaign, the Chicago Bulls have swept the season series with the Utah Jazz.

The Bulls backcourt duo of Derrick Rose and Ben Gordon combined for 50 points and the Bulls defense clamped down over the final 3 1/2 minutes of play en route to a 106-98 triumph over the Jazz on Saturday night.

After cutting the Bulls lead to three on Mehmet Okurs three-point play with 3:43 on the clock, the Jazz missed their last six field-goal attempts and committed a pair of costly turnovers as Chicago hung on.

With less than a minute to play and the Bulls leading by five, Rose – the rookie point guard who has already shown regular flashes of veteran savvy – wore some time off the clock, took Deron Williams off the dribble and dropped in a layup off the glass to extend the lead to seven.

That essentially sealed it up for Chicago, which improved to 10-3 at home. The Bulls also defeated the Jazz in Salt Lake City last month on Larry Hughes buzzer-beater.

Okur led Utah with 23 points and 13 boards, while Paul Millsap registered his 15th consecutive double-double with 22 and 10. Williams added 19 points and six assists.





Saturdays National Basketball Association Capsules