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Welcome to BarrySpitz.com

Barry Spitz has been described in Time Magazine as “advisor to multinational corporations and governments” and in Financial Times publications as “the world’s most well-known authority on international tax planning and offshore”.
His clients include high net wealth individuals and multinational corporations in all five continents, ministries and government agencies, including the US Congress and the IRS.

This website encompasses the largest evolution of offshore and international tax information on the web.


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Offshore Term:

Tax Shelters

A tax shelter or tax sheltered investment may be defined as an investment with a flow-through of tax benefits, generally having some or all of the following characteristics: deferral of taxes, conversion of ordinary deductions for future capital gains, or leverage. The term is applied generally to a...
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About Barry Spitz

Barry Spitz is a Doctor (summa cum laude), Faculty of Law and Economics, University of Paris; Professor, Graduate School of Administration, Rice University, Houston; HEC School of Management, Paris; Barrister; Diplomat of International Law and Comparative Law